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Departments that are registered with American Fire Gear to provide fully customized, on duty approved apparel at a specific price.

Central Coventry Fire Dept East Greenwhich Fire Dept. Hopkins Hill Fire District

Central Coventry Fire Dept. Local 3372

East Greenwich Fire Dept. Local 3328-RI

Hopkins Hill Fire Dept. Local 4824-RI

Nasonville Fire Dept Narragansett Fire Dept. North Kingstown Fire Dept.

Nasonville Fire Dept

Narragansett Fire Dept. Local 1589- RI

North Kingstown Fire Dept. Local 1651-RI

North Smithfield Fire Dept. Pawtucket Fire Dept. RI State Fire Academy

North Smithfield Fire Dept. Local 3984- RI

Pawtucket Fire Dept. Local 1261-RI

RI State Fire Academy

RI State Fire Firefighters Assoc. Smithfield Fire Dept. Warwick Fire Dept.

Rhode Island State Association of Fire Firefighters

Smithfield Fire Dept. Local 2050-RI

Warwick Fire Dept. Local 2748-RI

Woonsocket Fire Dept.


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